Will new Intel NUCs be supported

Hello Experts,
I found a list of supported NUCs on the Roon website.

The NUC8i7INH was not on the list. It looks interesting, as it only draws 15W of power.

Will this NUC be supported in the future?


The NUC8i7BEH is on the list, I’m not sure what the INH difference is.

The INH variant is a NUC with memory, storage and OS (Windows 10 Home 64bit) all pre-installed. The BEH variant is a NUC kit with no memory, storage or OS preinstalled.

It is interesting that the INH variant is fitted with a 15 watt CPU, whilst the BEH has a 28 watt CPU… The reason for that is known only to Intel Marketing, I suspect.

The INH variant should run ROCK perfectly happily (even though it’s not on the Supported list), but of course you’d be wasting the cost of the Windows OS licence. Alternatively, you could just install Roon for Windows directly on to it, and use it as a Windows device, rather than a ROCK device. In this scenario, Roon would be fully supported - because it’s just a Windows PC.

Thank you for the info.
The 13W saving may be worth the license cost.
I will want to install ROCK in any case.
Thank you a lot for the great info.

The NUC8i7INH has a 1.8GHz processor and discrete graphics. Whereas the NUC8i7BEH has a 2.7 GHz processor. That’s the difference in power (and performance.)

Don’t know much about the specific NUC, but I’ll bet the fan noise from the INH will be less than that from the BEH - that’s a big plus in my opinon. Don’t know about the processing power, though – I would think that any i7 would be adequate even if you’re going to be using Roon to do a lot of upsampling, etc. Others might have more to to add regarding that.