Will Qobuz and Roon ever dance the tango together in my system?

Been a Roon lifetime subscriber forever. Great product with a few rather problematic issues that never get resolved. Issue number one for me these days is incompatibility with Qobuz. What is it with these two? Why can’t they dance the tango together? It works for a while, then breaks. Starts working again and then breaks again. As I write this, for the n zillion the time, Qobuz is not working for me. Tidal works great. Using a Roon Rock server. Yes, tried logging out and logging back in again. Tidal does not break, ever. Qobuz? Well, it don’t like Roon, and Roon don’t like it. What’s with these two? Are they heading for a divorce? Are we seeing the beginnings of a bad marriage breaking up?

I think you should create a technical support ticket. Qobuz and Roon work well, but not in your system.


Qobuz and Roon work great together on my systems and have for years…


Which country server are you connecting to, maybe a specific server has an issue.

Are you using a VPN to “fool” Qobuz?

No issues here subscribed since it was available in the UK, only when Qobuz service is down itself do I get any issues. Sound like an environmental or geographical problem. Raise a support ticket and give them all the info you can and they can try and identify as to why.

There might be some connection issues on your side. Qobuz and Tidal both work perfect on my system. Like suggested by the other users you should try to open a ticket with support.

Ditto. @Sridhar_Mahadevan , please start a #support thread using the template from this post.

Qobuz and Roon work great together on my system

As many have already stated, Roon and Qobuz is not a system wide epidemic, myself included in the no problems group.

You would be best to start a specific support thread with all of the relevant details included in the post so there some system information for others to try and trouble shoot and assist you.

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Just to be more specific. Qobuz on its own on my iPad never fails to work. It’s only the combination of Roon and Qobuz that constantly messes up. Not now, but sporadically for years. Not with one system, but through many iterations of Roon servers and devices. It’s a generic issue, not one that is specific to my system. You’ll find dozens of threads in this issue on this forum if you look.

This issue is specific to something. I’ve never had a problem with Qobuz in over two years.

Wish I could say the same. Note the issue is not with Roon alone (which works perfectly streaming my ripped albums) or with Qobuz alone (which works perfectly on my iPad or my PC or Mac. It’s with the two in tandem. They don’t tango reliably. Oh, it does work every now and then for a few weeks. Then, wham, Roon does its update and it breaks again. This has happened not once, but many many times. Not with one setup, but with a Roon installation on a Mac, a PC, a Roon Rock Linux server, and with a Lampizator server. Meanwhile, I have an Auralic Aries server that is flawless at streaming Qobuz. I’m a long time AI researcher and I study causal reasoning professionally. I’ve looked at this thing a zillion ways, and the only conclusion I’ve come to is Roon and Qobuz seem deeply incompatible in my house across many combinations of devices, when each one on its own is perfectly fine.

So the common denominator is?

As recommended numerous times, open a support ticket, enter ALL system info as meticulously as you’ve been trying to verbalize your disappointment with the Roon/Qobuz interaction, and hopefully support will help you get sorted - good luck!

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Qobuz on its own, is just that: streaming direct to a single device, and possibly, at a lower bit depth.

In contrast, Qobuz and Roon is different. The core receives the stream, which is subsequently forwarded to an endpoint. This is more complex, and more demanding on a home network.

Roon and Qobuz does work extremely well. If you have a problem, please open a #support thread.

Sure, opening a support thread sounds like a concrete step. Till it breaks the next time. If I had confidence that Roon would fix this incompatibility with Qobuz, I would go for that. Based on my several years of experience with repeated failures of Roon after updates, I see the support ticket option as a temporary band aid that will only work till the next update breaks compatibility again. My longer term fix is to use a non-Roon platform for Qobuz, and there are many choices (Aurender, Auralic etc.). I’ll still use Roon for my own ripped albums and for Tidal.

I would try to find out what the problem is with Roon and Qobuz ON YOUR SYSTEM/LOCATION. There is no problem for most of us.

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I’ve used Qobuz and Roon together for several years without problem, so waht di you think there’s an incompatibility? Maybe the problem is with your setup. Open a support thread.

Seems you’re not willing to give roon the chance to fix it. We aren’t the route to your salvation here, the route is logging a ticket and finding out what anomaly is in your setup that is causing this. It is definitely not an issue with roon or Qobuz or their interoperability.

Venting frustration at us won’t fix it. A ticket will.

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Roon and Qobuz continue to work fine for me update after update with the server on Linux and macOS. It been this way with Roon for almost 5 years and Roon nd Qobux for over 3 years…

I would look for support as there must be something wrong in your setup that causes you have continuous problems…

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A repeat of moaning but not doing anything concrete to change things

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