Will ROCK solve my slowcore problems?

Using: Asus Nuc I 5- 3337U CPU @1.8 ghz processor, 8 GB Ram, 64 bit operative system Windows 10. Latest Roon core installed.
Roon Remote installed on IPad Air and IPhone XR.
Nuc hardwired ( 10 meters) to router.
Library is about 2000 albums on a Buffalo NAS and 6000 on Tidal.
Problem: Most of the time playing music, actually doing anything on the core is test of my patience. Loading overview, searching artist, clicking an album takes up to 80 seconds. Average time would probably be around 20 seconds. Occasionally it works almost as it should ( 3-5 seconds). Late last week was the worst period ever. Everything took like 80 seconds.
Thank god for remote which is the opposite of the core. Almost always works as it should and occasionally very slow but never 80 sec as the core. But this weekend it was at its worst ( 20-30 secs). Today it’s working.
Question: would ROCK solve these problems? Or what can be the problem?

Hi @bigj,

Just to verify here, when using the Core machine, Roon is almost always slow and when using the iOS remotes, they’re typically much faster. Is that correct?

If the above is true, this points to an issue with the Windows 10 machine having problems with running the UI rather than acting as the Core since your other remotes don’t exhibit the same issues.

One option here may be to try using RoonServer instead of Roon on the Windows machine and just use the remote devices for navigation. When doing this is the performance improved?

That’s correct, Dylan. Never tried Roon server. So ROCK is not necessarily the answer?

Hi @bigj,

Based on the symptoms you’ve described, the problem seems specific to the use of the UI on the Core machine. ROCK, like RoonServer, is an option that doesn’t use the UI. So you could run RoonServer or use ROCK as you Core and then use the other remote devices as your only remotes. If you’re mostly interested in using these remotes then either RoonServer or ROCK are both options you can use.

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Are my specs enough for ROCK or do I need to invest?

That CPU is at the bare min spec for Roon…Ivy Bridge - i3 is the recommended low-end. You could certainly try it with ROCK but support is not there if it doesn’t work.

Note that you haven’t supplied info on the Disk for your NUC…Roon does recommend/need an SSD installed for the Boot drive (be it Windows/Linux/MacOS/ROCK)

Are you running the 64 bit or 32 bit version? Sometimes the 32 bit version of Roon works better in certain graphic environments.

Thanks, its 128ssd.

Its 64 bits.

Try running the 32 bit version instead and see if that speeds things up.

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