Will Roon ARC be carplay compatible? [On Roadmap]

CarPlay +1

The Apple Music app is the one to compete with, as it is far superior to either Tidal or Qobuz when using CarPlay


yeah, its amazing how bad Tidal and Qobuz are at carplay. Apple music did a good job at carplay.

carplay +1

Would be great if I could control Roon with android auto.

Going to pile on here.

I was a bit disappointed that CarPlay didn’t make it in the first rev of ARC–I think they should have held the release longer until that and Android Auto were incorporated. In my car is the ONLY place I will use ARC as I don’t walk around listening to music on my phone, but I do listen to music in my car EVERY time I’m in it. Right now I copy my music to a USB stick and then listen from there, but it sure would be more convenient to use ARC and retire the USB process.

I guess I’ll continue to use Qobuz for music not on my USB stick until Roon can get the CarPlay thing figured out.


Give ARC a go in the car if you have CarPlay. The basics of listening to music is there. So you can setup playlists in the mean time so you can listen.

We can’t expect everything in a first release. At least for now it works.

It took Tidal over 3 years to even had a like button to favourite a song…. :roll_eyes:


I have both Plexamp and Roon ARC. So far I prefer Plexamp. Plex server is running on my Synology NAS where all music files are stored (5TB mostly classical), and Roon Rock running on a nuc10i7.

I also installed Plexamp for Windows on my work PC so I can stream my music library to the DAC/2.1 playback system in my office.

plus 1 for Carplay

it’s honestly just not safe without carplay, and in my state an instant ticket to even be touching your phone. This is a let down.

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How is it a let down? They just introduced Roon ARC 1.0 a couple days ago. Other than hinting that Roon mobile was coming, nobody said anything about CarPlay. It actually works pretty well with CarPlay already, though, by pressing “What’s Playing.”

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current car features are just a byproduct of standard bluetooth connectivity, and not any kind of real integration.

the letdown, is as stated, and if we (roon) were going to launch this mobility, then at least safety using carplay wouldn’t be a “down the road” (pun intended?) feature.

The social media promotions alone showed people pecking at their phones while driving, not realistic.

Hopefully, that apple integration comes sooner than it took them to incorporate apple music libraries…

In that case, don’t turn on Roon ARC when driving your car.

EDIT: I don’t use bluetooth connectivity, I use a USB wired connection to CarPlay. I have also played with a non-CarPlay USB connection with my iPad and a 3.5mm aux connection. They all work with varying degrees of success and confusion.

I don’t think anyone said or thinks the current Roon ARC is integrated with CarPlay to any degree. It just so happens that if you plug it in, it works pretty well if you use the phone for some commands. I think a lot of us look forward to a Roon ARC CarPlay app.

that’s the plan until it’s updated

Same here in the Netherlands

I am waiting impatiently for ARC in Car Play


I must agree with some others that I am a bit let down with the lack of Car Play support. Honestly when I first saw this feature was lacking I was blown away, and spoke my wife’s ear off for a number of miles. In my opinion Roon produced a great new app and service, which has greatly expanded my listening options and is a feature many of us have been have been wanting, but this lack of auto support (and if I can’t select and interact with my playlists then at least where I live it really is practically zero use in a car) is a big let down. For usability and safety sake, I would have pulled out all the stops thrown whatever resources were necessary at this to make it a day one feature. I love this app and service, it just needs this last kick to take it from good to great!