Will Roon ARC be carplay compatible? [On Roadmap]

Just getting to grips with ARC after having to figure out manual port forwarding (all good now though thanks to the helpful instructions on the Roon Community).

+1 for CarPlay (I think it’s perfectly reasonable that it isn’t there on day 1 and comes in a later update - please don’t keep us waiting too long though :slight_smile: )

One feature request as part of the CarPlay design though: please please have a prominent button to shuffle-play a playlist.


It would be fantastic to have ARC as a CarPlay app (and the Android equivalent)
It‘s supposed to be an app for mobile use, right?
Ease of use and road safety is something to consider. :slightly_smiling_face:


I now hit play and start driving. Would be great to have more control.

I’ve merged your post into the existing Feature Suggestion - and this feature is on the Roadmap…

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Are there cars that support Android Automotive/GAS that do not also have support for Android Auto? I can’t imagine that there are. Roon is a small company and I’d vote for Carplay/Android Auto support first t hit the largest customer base. Android Automotive integration can always come later if there’s demand.

+30 here. They already use tidal…

Yet another vote for Android Auto. I can’t use ARC while I’m driving. I can’t see the track info while driving without looking at my phone (illegal in my state). This is not the only use case for ARC, but it is certainly one of the main ones. Will be grateful when ARC and Android Auto play together as it will free me from the tyranny of the thumb drive.

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Tesla App please!!

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Is there any timeline on Android auto/carplay? Love roon, love arc and appreciate all of the enhancements that have been made, but Arc is very difficult to use in the car.

Yes, there is probably a timeline for CarPlay and Android Auto.

+1 for CarPlay

Let’s hope it comes soon

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Wireless CarPlay doesn’t use Bluetooth. CarPlay compatible units, whether aftermarket or manufacturers, have a full wi-fi chipset. The audio bandwidth is exactly the same as a wi-fi connected DAC at home. Bluetooth is used to establish the initial connection, hence a Bluetooth connection is also required.

Some of the other streaming solutions getting on this now