Will Roon ARC support customizing IP address and ipv6 connection?

China ISPs always have Carrier Grade NAT for home users. The only ways to access the devices behind NAT are

  1. Using a reverse proxy to forward the port to a VPS which has a public ipv4 address.
  2. Accessing the devices using ipv6 which do not have NAT.

But it seems both two methods do not work with Roon ARC. Is there any plan to support the ipv6 connection or customize the Roon ARC IP address?

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Have a look at the thread on Tailscale.
It should hopefully get you up and running if it is not blocked

Thanks for answering. I forward all traffic toward porttest.roonlabs.net to the VPS I am using for reverse proxy and Roon thinks the IP address of the VPS is my IP address so it allows me to use ARC. This step should not be necessary if Roon ARC allows me to set my IP address instead of detecting the IP address by itself.
Anyway, I do not need to use Roon ARC anymore after I tried it because it still can’t handle USB DAC on Android and all streams are transferred to 48kHz just like the old Roon Android application does. If I use VPN software such as Zerotier and Tailscale, the old Roon application is enough for me.

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Well good to hear you have it working, but yes the Android resampling is an issue.
I have learned to live with it now though and the sound quality is fine.

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