Will Roon gain access, as apps, to Xbox One and Playstation 4?

I was messing around with my TV and the hand gestures in both consoles. The Xbox Kinect is a really neat interface device and some how the team over at www.plex.tv have figured out how to sneak onto the console. Plex is a very simple and user friendly video streaming app.

I keep thinking of how cool Roon would be with hand gestures and/or voice commands when using it with a 65" and larger TV.

What would it take to get developer access and release onto the Xbox One Console?

Xbox Supports External USB 3.0 Hard drives and variety of file formats. I just worry that their big brother nature could do more harm than good.

These are all neat ideas. We’ve discussed doing a 10 ft ui many times before, and at one point, we built some prototypes. We’ve played around with gesture based stuff, too in the past. It seems pretty likely that at some point in the future, we will have a reason to throw up some UI on the TV.

We don’t have any concrete plans for consoles, but they could definitely be part of our ecosystem one day. They are in a lot of peoples’ homes, and they generally have very capable hardware.

Looks like it is now possible to write apps for the Xbox One. I wonder if Roon is an app we’ll see sooner rather than later.


In my continued relentless and shameless efforts to get the Roon guys to convert their app to a UWA, I offer this new blog post by Microsoft that goes into technical detail about how to do just that. Can you please read it and offer an opinion if this new blog post changes you current stance on the matter one way or the other?


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Any thoughts from the Roon team on this?

I think the Roon teams thoughts on this are outlined here.

Here is the thing though @philr, the UWP is a constantly and rapidly changing platform that keeps adding functionality and easier automated ways to convert Win32 and .Net applications to UWA. The reasons for not building a Universal Windows App (UWA) that will serve over 350 million users on Windows 10 (New data as of yesterday) might be less valid or completely invalid now.

The link I posted above had new information in it and when new developments occur in the platform i’ll post that again and ask the same question. These guys have their hands full already so I imagine they are not using their spare time to keep up to date on what’s new on Windows 10 or the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), my guess is they could care less as long as the Android and IOS people are satisfied.

So its up to people like me that want to see a Roon UWA work on Xbox, PC, Phone, tablets to keep supplying them with the new information and pushing for its development.

Signed up for an account just to reply here. I would love to use roon, but I’m a bit hardware limited. Having an Xbox / UWP app would be so goshdarn nice. Seriously, please please please make my Xbox One X a roon endpoint so I can stop uploading individual albums to my OneDrive then loading them into VLC on it, the struggle is so real.