Will Roon only work from the US, Canada, UK, etc.?

I can’t see the software launch page. Will Roon not work internationally? :frowning:

We are launched worldwide and do not have any geo blocking stuff.

This sounds like a technical problem with the website–how exactly is it failing for you?

I think it’s your website. When I go in via my standard connection from Bermuda, I get the Roon sign-up page. If I turn on my VPN I can see the purchase screen. So I’ve downloaded it, and I’m now installing the application. Fingers crossed!

Okay, my library is building… So far, I am extremely impressed, and I can justify the annual cost. My first impression is that I will be leaving JRiver as soon as you launch your iPad app.

Is there a way to lock the volume?

Fixed volume mode isn’t done yet, but it’s in the plans.