Will Roon play multichannel MQA files?

Will Roon play multichannel MQA files? When I try to play them, Roon crashes.

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Hey @mitr,

I am so sorry it’s been three full weeks that we’ve missed your post :pleading_face: . I’m hoping this will not happen again.

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Yes, Roon supports MQA (all the details are here) and it shouldn’t crash when trying to stream MQA files.

If this is something you’re still running into, could you please let us know? It’d be great if you could please include the details we ask for here.

I think you may have missed one word in my request: multichannel. Playing stereo MQA is a given but I cannot find any documentation on Roon for MQA+multichannel.
Specifically, have you any documentation, data or experience with multichannel MQA?

Hello Kal,

Roon does not support multichannel MQA decoding at the moment. However, it shouldn’t be crashing when playing multichannel MQA either, it should just play it like any other PCM content. Could you PM me with a link to download the track you’re witnessing this behavior with?


My apologies. Something must have been going on before because I just confirmed your statements. The multichannel files do play but without any MQA processing.

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