Will Roon re-scan an album if I do this...?

Hi all, for organisational reasons I would like to put untagged files in a separate temporary folder within the Roon library folder and then when tagged move these over into their proper hopes under Artist > Album.

(I know I do not really I have to do this as Roon is watching the entire folder.)

Will Roon effectively treat an album/folder as a new addition to the library if I move a folder within the root folder so that any changes I have made to the metadata on a Roon level (and not file level) will be re-set/replaced?

Many thanks!

Hi it will fine, once you are happy with all the tagging just move the folder.

If the storage is local or on a well implemented SMB share Roon notice the move immediately and just update the files location reference.

If the SMB share is not so well implemented, you may have to go to Roon — Settings — Storage and force a rescan of the watched folder.

Hi Carl, many thanks for your reply.

I just have a local hard drive attached to my iMac which is running Roon. I don’t think that is the same as SMB correct?

Many thanks!

Correct that’s local storage.

Many thanks Carl!

Henke, Roon will recognise your files even if they are moved within the watched folders. If you change their metadata and then save them they will be regarded as new files by Roon.

And, just some advice. If you are editing a bunch of files, it might be better to do that while they reside outside of Roons watched spaces, and then when done move into one of the watched folders.
Copying lots of files into a watched location is generally a bad idea as Roon have a habit of partly identifying albums while they are being copied…

Hi Mikael, so when you say “If you change their metadata and then save them they will be regarded as new files by Roon” this means Roon will re-scan the updated files and perform a new search to try to match it?


Yep, new “checksums” means new files (to Roon). it’s a bit unclear what exactly the checksums are based upon though (or i’ve missed that part)