Will Roon support Yamaha MusicCast?

(Andrew J Shepherd) #21

You are barking up the wrong tree. Talk to Yamaha. Roon is not responsible for Yamaha. Only Yamaha can choose to implement Roon, not the other way around.


(Thomas Frensch) #22

Sure…No Kidding!
I think YOU are the wrong way acting: I should talk to a global cooperation like Yamaha, for that they do implement roon after they had implemented deezer, spotifiy, napster and tidal? Do you think Yamaha needs roon to sell only one amp more? I do not think so.
And after I convinced Yamaha to implement roon, I pay you 500 $ to use your software?

BTW: I contacted Yamaha a few times. When talking to them and asking them when oder whether they implement roon, I got only a shrug of the shoulders.

(Andrew J Shepherd) #23

And there is your answer. Yamaha seems to have little interest in adding Roon capability to its products.


(Thomas Frensch) #24

Sure, they do not have. It costs money and menpower for nothing.

But it is your interest to convince Yamaha, not mine!


@Thomas_Frensch you should note that AJ or indeed myself do not speak for or on behalf of Roon.
What is offered is just an opinion from another Roon user.

My advice to any Roon user is to evaluate it and subscribe to Roon for what it does today, not for what it may do in the future… this way expectations and disappointments are managed.

(Ayodele Akande) #26

Another way to make MusicCast (NX-N500) Roonend point is to buy Nucleus and connect it via USB to NX-N500. Obviously,the downside is nucleus have be in a close proximity. Also wired and not wireless