Will Roon work with the Vanatoo wireless bluetooth speakers...has anyone tried this?

I like the sound and size of the Vanatoo speakers for when working in the garage…they have a lot of connectivity options…but will Roon work with them. Roon just recognizes my Sonos Beam without any issues…I am looking for similar connectivity.

No. You’ll need to add an endpoint (Roon Bridge) that can utilize one of the inputs. A Raspberry Pi 4 running Ropieee is a solid option: USB to the speakers and Wi-Fi* from the Core.

*You’ll need a strong Wi-Fi signal in your garage or an Ethernet connection.

Or use an old Android phone as Roon endpoint if you have one.
Works perfectly for me out to the garage.
You can connect it’s headphone out to the twin RCA line in.
Or possibly Bluetooth from the phone but I have not tried that but should work as well.


Martin and TheHammer, those are both good suggestions…I already have an old phone to try first.