Will Siri ever work with Roon?

I use a dedicated Internet connected MAC Mini with Roon for my Music server.

Will Siri ever work with Roon…I have read where maybe third party software with make use of Siri…

I also have it on my iMAC so I can control operational aspects of Roon.

So far, Roon has not attracted any for-profit third party developers. However, there are a few smart guys doing some creative stuff with extensions. For example, I use Logitech remotes to integrate Roon with my TV, AVRs, and DVDs.

Check out the Extensions category on this forum. There may be a thread or two on the topic.

Will siri ever work with anything?

Will siri ever work?


Thanks for the reply…I’m not touching extensions…I know just enough to get in trouble…

I love my Roon the way it it is!! Siri integration would just be icing on the delicious Roon cake!

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Siri shortcuts could be a step to the main event…I use these with my Sensibo AC controllers that are not HomeKit ready but have Siri shortcuts as a stop gap.

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