Will TEAC NT-503 ever be Roon Ready?

I see that the TEAC NT-505 is Roon Ready. Does anyone here know of any plans to update the NT-503 to be Roon Ready?

The NT-505 was built with MQA and Roon Readiness as part of its brief. That wasn’t the case with the 503. So there is a possibility this just isn’t possible with the 503. Also it would make the 505 less attractive as a new purchase so I don’t think they are motivated to make this possible.


Hello Costas
Your Teac NT 503 Is Roon ready now? Thanks

No it isn’t. I don’t think it is part of the Teac business model to support old products like that.

Do you still have your 505? I be able to pickup Teac CG-10M Master Clock Generator from Teac direct on eBay for $850. Omg unbelievable.

I paid €900 for my CG10-M from a dealer in Spain. I still have the 505. It is going nowhere. If Teac stick to their normal behaviour they will refresh the 505 soon like they did to replace the 503.