Will the Anthem MRX 740 be Roon Ready soon?

Hi, does somebody know when the anthem machines are ready ? I want to buy one. And sell the BS node2.

No. Ask anthem would be your best bet.

December 2020 is the likely release date. Roon ready.

Has anyone tried the MRX 740 or 540? Does Roon Ready mean you get full RAAT and video output?

It has now been 11 months since the orignal op’s post, and Anthem still has not pushed out an update to add Roon Ready to the MRX 740. Never expect an announced upcoming feature “soon”, as soon could take over one years time. (There have been some products where an announced upcoming feature had never arrived.)

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Bill, with no Roon update having arrived yet the MRX’s do not support RAAT.

Video is not part of RAAT.

Anyone have any updates on Anthem 740 and ROON? I’m interested in upgrading my 720 just for the improved setup features. But I’d also like to get the HiFiBerry endpoint out of the picture.


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I too have been interested in upgrading my older MRX, but won’t do so until Roon Ready. These vague promises sound familiar to the Hegel situation unfortunately.

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I just like to UP this thread in 2023 for Anthem getting Roon Ready. Any news or ETA in 2023?

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One person’s opinion: after two years of non-performance, I have no faith in any Anthem pronouncement. If “Roon Readiness” hasn’t gotten here by now, it won’t ever get here.

I’m relatively new to ROON but have the ANTHEM MRX 740. Though not certified yet my system is playing Hi Res files through Qobuz to the ROON platform and to 2 Zones. Ethernet cable to ensure the connection to the nucleus. Installation was done by AVI Group in Grand Rapids.