Will the gear I have work for HQ Player in Roon?

Nice, i only did a quick Google. I never used Antipodes.

I’m not sure if that’s an old manual though (related to my screenshot above from my quick Google which leads to dead end) or current manual

Definitely email Antipodes for the latest info about NAA support though.

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Well I added the app to the antipodes and rebooted it.
Now have to scurry up the stairs and see if hqplayer can now see my dac via the antipodes.
Fingers crossed……

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After Antipodes has properly booted you might need to close HQPlayer and re-open , so it can ‘see’ your endpoint and DAC on loading

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I shut everything down and restarted but still it cannot see my endpoint and dac.
I even removed hqplayer from roon and reinstalled but no go
it might be an old version of NAA, it said 3.5.6.
I will email Antipodes and see what insight they might have

Under ‘Output devices backend’ what options do you seen?

Can you share a screenshot?

You will need to see your DAC there and select it.

Just got off online chat with Antipodes and its nogo ever on my older unit.
they stopped support for HQPlayer quite a while back but their brand new players at 10k plus do support it…
the Pi4 is looking better…


RPi4 is easy and great solution

If you like it you can get fancier Sonore Rendu’s for example

and thats where I knew I was in trouble…lol
All I see are wasapi and asio, no alsa.
so no dac option, just local to the pc endpoints like internal speakers.
so i am sure it would work fine on the pc…lol

had both the micro and ultra rendus in the past.
maybe i could use a pi4 via usb into the 585 and keep spdif from the Edge into the 585.
decisions, decisions

I had the Rendus too and now use RPi4 and UpBoard Gateway endpoints

I gave the Rendus to my dad to use at his place - they still work really well but I don’t feel any loss.

What I like about NAA OS on a USB stick/microSD card is it is the most optimised software for HQP, made only to perform as NAA and nothing else. It’s Jussi’s full creation so you can’t get better optimisation.

And if you want both Roon and HQPlayer support you can load RoPieee XL on RPi4, which supports both RoonBridge and NAA


Note for any fellow noobs thinking of using HQP OS on a USB stick, it will only run for 30 minutes until licensed according to signalyst.com. Could someone please point me to the licensing instructions?

Note! HQPlayer Embedded operates without license key in trial mode for 30 minutes at a time and then needs to be restarted to continue!

The web shop on the main website…


Or did you already purchase and have the key?

Load web browser with the machines IP address.

At the bottom you will see a link where you can upload your .xml license key file

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Another way to find IP address is to use HQPlayer Client to discover the client and display information about it. In some cases also local network machine name “hqplayer” may work.

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Just tried ‘hqplayer/’ in web browser for the first time and it worked.

That’s cool !

It is an older version, but it works with current HQPlayer versions.

Kevin that is why I recommended trying playing on the Zen Stream as everything on the client side is built in.
Makes it easier to get the end to end setup working so at least you get some music more quickly.

Hopefully you will get it working today :grin:


According to Antipodes support it does no longer work?

In HQPlayer setup I cannot see an Alsa option going through the Antipodes Edge to the DAC in my Mark Levinson 585.
So I have nothing to select unfortunately.

I just tried a full clean install again, powered everything down and still HQPlayer does not see my dac through the Antipodes with that NAA version 3.5.6.
So maybe I am missing something else?
BTW I went with the HQPlayer desktop version for Win10, not the bootable version from USB stick if that makes any difference?
@Michael_Harris , cant try the iFi ZS as no longer have it, I only bought to test and make sure it worked before sending it to my daughter to use…in Hawaii…lol.

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Ah fair enough. I used that for mine and it worked perfectly and was quickly set up.

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