Will the iPad app run faster with a faster NUC

Hi, just installed a ROCK on a NUC i3 (I have under 1.000 albums in my collection).

I think the scrolling on the iPhone/iPad is lagging a bit…should I get an i5 NUC (will that help)

What are the benefits of a faster processor in the NUC? My library is small, I don’t use any DSP functionality and most of my listening is from Tidal.

Will I have any benefits from upgrading the processor?

How much memory have you allowed for artwork on the iPad? Have a look in settings then general I think? Your NUC should be fine for your library size.

I have 64 mb…

Does increasing it improve the performance?

I set at 512 - I think it helped a bit. Thanks :slight_smile:
I guess a faster processor will be overkill on my small library?

faster search, loading of pages, few other things… increasing ram for artwork from 64mb will help covers load faster…

what ipad do you have?

Yes. Make sure the NUC has 8GB of RAM and a SSD and you should be more than. good to go with a library that size. Worthwhile also ensuring your wifi connectivity is good.

I have 8 go and a 128 SSD… connected by cable… so I guess a processor upgrade will be a waste of money?

The iPad memory increase helped a bit with the scrolling…not super smooth as in Apples native apps, but useful :slight_smile:

It’s an iPad Pro 10.5 (so it doesn’t get any newer)


Have you used an iPad with Roon previously? The horizontal scrolling is paged so it can appear to be ‘not super smooth’ I have the same iPad as you with Roon core on a NUC and it has no issues, artwork set to 1024.

Can’t see any problems on my IPad Pro. Works a treat