Will the Nucleus see external USB drives attached to my mac?

About to buy a Nucleus and am trying to figure out how and where I’m gong to connect things.

Only if you configure your mac to share the external USB drive on the network. While it’s certainly possible, I wouldn’t recommend this approach. Why not attach the USB drive to the nucleus?

See https://support.apple.com/en-sg/guide/mac-help/mh17131/mac for instructions on how to set up file sharing on mac.

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As @Nepherte says, why not just connect the usb drive straight to the Nucleus?
If you absolutely want to go down the ‘share disk from Mac route’, share the drive via SMB and connect to the share from the Roon UI.

It will depend on where I end up sitting the Roon box. If it’s near the stereo, I don’t want the noisy hard drive there.
If I put it in the computer room, then I can do that.

The question for me is, why have both?

Both what?

Mac and nucleus. The Mac can perform the role of the nucleus.

To get the noisy computer out of the picture, and so I don’t have to leave it on all the time, but mostly everything I’ve read says the sound quality will be a lot better with the Nucleus.

I would not trust everything you read if I were you. In fact I believe that Roon don’t state that SQ is any better but it’s your money and if you are happy then that’s all that matters.

Have Nucules and have not noticed any noise. Suggest an ssd drive.
If you are referring to signal noise, suggest you confirm it is an issue before you spend money fixing it. I have not perceived any.

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