Will the real Eddie Jones please stand up?

Somebody more knowledgeable than I can tell me who this is, but it isn’t Eddie Jones the bassist, (or Guitar Slim for that matter who also redirects here)…


Guitar Slim, Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones, and Eddie Jones are all still confused with each other. And I still have no idea who the person in the image is.


Hi @BrianW. I’ve made an edit for this; it was a tricky one as there are seven “Eddie Jones” to disambiguate. It will take up to a week for the updated info to be pulled into your library.

I have no idea who’s in that image; it’s certainly not the Count Basie double-bassist… At the moment though, we don’t update artist images on the client, so you’ll want to do that yourself once the edit takes effect.

Sorry for the delay on this.

Thank you. I can understand it would be tricky.

Will that also fix the credits issue which sometimes appears? See this album by Guitar Slim (it’s the Tidal version, I have edited my library version)

See the composer credits for the first track (and other tracks)

Thanks again


No, unfortunately it won’t. This particular example of badness is where one of our metadata provides actually credits Guitar Slim, Eddie Jones, and Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones (all with separate artist IDs) as composers on the same track. :roll_eyes:

As much as we’d love to be able to fire off emails to resolve every single piece of bad metadata, we don’t have the resource to do this (though if you were to head over here and click on the “Submit Corrections” link, you might get the result you are looking for). OTOH, once the equivalence edit takes place, you can of course simply remove the duplicates in Roon itself.

Instead, we taking the long view here and our goal is to figure out ways to improve these kinds of errors algorithmically. So please keep reports of this type of issue coming! It’s only by identifying classes of issues like this, which we can tackle with surgical pieces of corrective code, that things will get better across the board.

We really appreciate the report!

OK, I’ll have a go. Haven’t done such a thing before.

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Done. Now I wait.