Will there be a change if I change the Roon core?

It seems that a private company in S.Korea is trying to develop and sell a dedicated PC for Rooncore.
Will changing the power supply or clock help improve sound quality?

Welcome to Roon.
I feel there is no quantifiable measurement to answer that. Does it sound better to you?

There are a large number of threads here and elsewhere arguing pro/con does <device> improve sound.

Most all of them end with a forum mod asking it to stop being beaten to death.

My thoughts do not represent anyone but me.

My opinion is that it will not affect the sound unless: (1) you have your core connected directly to DAC via USB, which is not Roon’s recommended configuration because the core is theoretically electrically noisy which could theoretically affect your DAC, theoretically (I saw this once with a cheap DAC - spinning hard drive made the music click), or (2) your current core doesn’t have the juice to run DSP without dropouts or similar.


Just ask the company to provide some appropriate measurements showing the before and after improvements they have made to the audio output of a typical DAC. You can then decide whether the demonstrated difference is worth the cost.
If they cannot demonstrate a difference one might reasonably ask them why they are going to the trouble of modifying the server in the first place.


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