Will there be a Roon 1.9

This is the longest period nearly 15 months

Better they fix the things wrong in 1.8 before adding more features.


That, and they better fix customer support before any future major release…


Hope not, there is enough problems with 1.8 yet. But probably there will be a 1.9 or 2.0 soon with
lots of new bugs to fix. And they will force us to update as usual.


Is this the worst thing you have to worry about? I don’t really care, just curious. If it is, consider yourself very fortunate.


No It is not. And why do you care ?

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I was wondering this too. Yes they switch to more frequent updates but it’s been a while since had a major update. It’s seems with the minor updates it brings fixes but also new bugs each time.


Whilst I’d love a major update to add mobile Roon or Elon Musk twitter integration i do think it’s best to make Roon as stable as possible for the majority of users before future enhancements and i say this as someone whose Roon is thankfully stable and working.

Roon is wonderful and amazing. But not perfect (will anything ever reach perfection?) I think a period of stabilisation to “keep the customer satisfied” is essential before future enhancements.

And another shout for customer support ahead of “upgrades” with the caveat that a lot of issues of Roon users will be their set-up rather than limitations of Roon.



I think Roon should continue the course they are on except for a more robust beta test program and a larger/better support function.


Of course there will be a Roon 1.9, the real question is when will there be a Roon 1.9. However if they come out with the long promised Roon mobile next then maybe it will be Roon 2.0 and there will be no 1.9 :crazy_face:

I’m sure there will be 1.9 and 2.0 etc. I too hope they will fix some of the bugs that bug some users all the time - I’m fortunate that (so far) I don’t fall into that category as it all works pretty well flawlessly pretty much all of the time.

I have to say I have been a bit surprised at the constant demand for a mobile solution - I find it hard to see how that would work flawlessly given all the issues that people currently have with the in place version, and there are already mobile solutions for music listening to be had that are far more effective and reliable than I can ever imagine a mobile Roon solution being (especially with the network demands Roon has, etc.). Many users here are already using Tidal/Qobuz integrated into Roon (so they have those accounts and apps) and there’s Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, etc. as stand alone options for when one is not at home. When I was traveling a lot for work, I would stream Tidal or Spotify, or play from an SD card in my phone when on a plane. I could have traversed the globe multiple times in a canoe before running out of music to listen to. Sure there are use cases like people with multiple houses etc., but I would rather see Roon make the main product rock solid across the board before deploying valuable resources on stuff that may be somewhat boutique. :expressionless:


Since I have both Tidal and Qobuz, I previously used their apps for mobile. Now, since Apple Music has lossless and high resolution, I use Apple Music. It also works great with CarPlay. I keep Tidal and Qobuz in sync within Roon by always adding albums from both sources, if available. I don’t fool with individual tracks. I then use Soundiz to keep Apple Music in sync with Qobuz. I get Apple Music free with my Verizon Wireless data plan.

Away from home, but not mobile, Roon on my laptop works well. I have no local music files, so Tidal and Qobuz keep the laptop sync’d. If I had local music files, I would keep a copy on a USB SSD. I really don’t need a mobile Roon.


I hope that they would fix the user interface of 1.8. I like 1.7 better. For one thing,1.8 uses too many empty (negative) spaces.


As long as there are severe bugs like QNAP - Not Showing Local Folders Anymore [See Staff Post - Guest Access Temporarily Resolves - Ongoing Investigation] affecting users for months, it’s unlikely they come up with something new.

As you see in recent days there is a lot of time necessary to do bug fixing and then regression bug fixing.

Very much do hope finally 1.8 along with existing major bugs gets finally fixed or to a state where it’s stable and user friendly.

For me Roon is pretty much completely stable. Many of the bugs of recent updates have passed me by, the most recent one (hanging when trying to link to a band member) being the only one I’ve noticed. If it were me running this I’d do the following:
Take the support function private
Create an ‘issues’ banner of bugs being dealt with
Keep on with regular updates

For me there is an issue of perception where people see a dozen reports of a problem and assume it is endemic. It isn’t. It is important Roon have visibility of these issues but the rest of us only need to know issues are being dealt with. We don’t need to see the detail. Roon needs to get its big boy pants on now. Employ the means to offer people the necessary support. Don’t leave it to the community because that helps warp peoples sense of what is happening in Roon. Finally, bin the update all option. Do the updates individually and determine the best order to do them in.


Haha. Tell that to Apple and Microsoft.

Why fix old problems… just release a new version and make ppl upgrade. :partying_face:

Why do you say that? Microsoft skipped Windows 9 completely.

Apple never made it to 10.16.0. They just moved in to Mac OS 11. And that didn’t last long at all.

I think the OP’s original question, which included “This is the longest period nearly 15 months”, indicates that he’s enquiring as to where the next major release has got to rather than making a claim that it will definitely be called version 1.9. I suspect @philr was responding in a similar vein.

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Every time I open Roon, there’s an update to install. As many others have said, fix the bugs and stop the version upgrades what seem like every week since 1.8.

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I’m not sure it is possible to squash bugs in a timely manner without relatively frequent updates.