Will this approach work with Roon too?

you got me wrong with the fingerprint that’s not designed for integrity but because I stick to MusicIP (since 2007) besides using roon by now, for the simply reason that nothings builds more intelligent playlists no online service nor the roon radio function. And especially to blow tracks to my mobile a sensefull playlist is something I don’t want to miss due to not having a mobile with a 1TB SD card (yet).

Aah, so you’re still using the MusicIP Win program to analyze and store its tags in file. I stopped when Gracenote killed musicdns.

Hey @StefanB,

I just wanted to clarify that while this is in the roadmap, neither I nor anyone at Roon has provided a timeline for this work, just as we do not give timeline for nearly anything in advance.

These are the exact words that I spoke to you on the topic in PM:

I didn’t think we triggered new audio analysis for tags-only changes. We do compute a separate audio checksum.

In any case, even if I am wrong about our design goal in the past, This is going to get fixed in the future when we start managing audio analysis results globally for the whole user base based on hashes of audio content. Obviously that would work within your library if you have analyzed somehting before, but also anyone with the same bit-identical audio as you who has done the analysis already–you could use their result and not spin your own CPU doing it.

I don’t know whom should I tag for this, but please can someone close this topic? It started as a rhetorical question in another thread then some administrator for whatever reason considered that the question deserves to have its own tread. Now it’s just going fast in the same direction as many other pointless discussions around here…

It seems to me that was the most probable outcome of your rhetorical question, whether in the other thread or on its own. Did you intend for something else to happen?

It was a reply in a somewhat similar, but different thread. The MODs culled this into a separate thread. The problem is that once you ‘create’ a thread you get a notice for every response. That won’t happen with a simple reply.
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Roon, when deciding what features to add, must always calculate what they see as the benefit factor, I.e. how many users will benefit vs. the added resources needed to implement the feature. Bloat isn’t caused by one or two features, but by the sum of too many features. It’s like eating; a hot dog and chips does not cause bloat, but adding the large sub, the pizza, the ice cream sundae, etc. will.

Proved myself wrong last night… added a second to the last modified timestamp of a large batch of albums and Roon re-read my tags (which I expected) and triggered re-analysis of the tracks (which surprised me).