Will this work with Roon?

Devialet has a new remote for Phantoms. Will Prev-Next and Play/Pause work with Roon?
It’s 115 mm wide and uses Bluetooth 5.0 for communication


It probably depends on your source, and would likely match the functionality of the Devialet app.

Feeding a Roon signal to the Phantom via Airplay results in operational back and forward buttons on the app:

An optical input via a Roon Bridge (RAAT source rather than Airplay) gives you only volume control:

Thanks Jared,

then one can hope that it will also work if RAAT ever comes to Phantoms…

That’s the dream isn’t it? :crossed_fingers:

It arrived in the mail today and as suspected, with Airplay I can skip tracks and pause the music. With RAAT via a toslink endpoint, I can attenuate volume and pause, but the track buttons do nothing.

I guess full functionality for it with RAAT depends on direct RAAT support in the device, but good that volume and play/pause works. Is the USB port only for charging?
Thanks again

Seems to only be for charging. Nothing happens when I plug it in to the laptop beyond a charge. It ran through a firmware update when I first turned it on, indicated by a downward facing arrow icon in the display, but doesn’t register with an IP address or in the web interface to check on version etc.

Pairing has been a lot less stable than the old remote. I’ve already had to re-pair the remote three times.

Worrying… I can only reference the remote I had with my Devialet 250 amp. It always worked, always. (had the amp since 2012, started as a D-Premier) I even didn’t change batteries, but Devialet must have done that as the amplifier had a few trips to Paris for upgrades. I miss both the amp and remote.