Will you ever update the soundquality like hqplayer

i know every system sounds different. i like rock it’s running without any problem. but sound quality of roon could be better- i think. when i run hqplayer the music begins to live. on some systems, there is maybe no difference but in mine, i can hear another league.
so here comes the question. will there ever the idea of integrating hqplayer in roon/rock or will there an option in the future to run hqplayer on the same machine with rock together cause i really don´t want a second computer running hqplayer. i know that i could switch to roon hqplayer on the rockmashine but then i´ll lose the rock comfort.

thank you for inside

have you tried the up sampling in the DSP?

Since my Android TV runs TIDAL I don’t have such problems - thank goodness!
Bit in the stream is just a bit. As it turns out (for my not bad “audiogrammed” ears) no matter where good bitstream end up in to my perfect “DACAmp” from.
Good stream does not normally need to be improoved (similarly - none of painting I have bought was repainted….).

By the way - can I legally resell my 1year roon subscription?
Bought with HQP, before TIDAL on TV started (purely technical reasons).
HQPlayer I want to keep - as a little trivia.

It’s not that I get the sense that Roon begrudingly supports HQPlayer, they are clearly fans and its a beautiful integration as is, but there are only so many resources available. It strikes me as impractical to spend them on a very niche use case. The amount of development that would be required on Roon’s end managing what is supposed to be an appliance OS interacting with a moving target piece of third party software – and it’s not like Roon or HQPlayer are resting on their laurels, things are constantly changing and refining. If you want an appliance experience, ROCK exists. If you want a rube goldberg machine, the option is thankfully available. If you love the sound signature of HQP filters it’s worth a few weekends to see if you can get a general purpose, long term supported Linux install going. Just my thoughts.

of cause, i tried all the upsampling possibilities but hqplayer sounds much better. i think that’s the reason why it´s integrated like it is. For me, this also means that you roonguys know that there is more possible.

I know to run hqplayer. but it would be amazing if there is a more integrated option with rock. Roon should be simple for the user with the best possible sound. from my experience, this is only available with hyplayer. also, hqplayer could participate if there is a rock-version with hqplayer integrated. i am sure it´s a lot of work, and my starting point was - will there be a roonversion in the near future sounding as good as roon with hqplayer - or as alternative an integrated image Linux version with rock and hyplayer. as I said, I think we are looking for the best and simplest.

I’m curious, are you able to articulate what makes you feel it sounds ‘much better’? Is their more space between the instruments, more depth to the stage illusion, what?

I’ve not tried HQPlayer, but should just to see if it enhances my setup or not. So far I’ve been widely pleased with convolution and I perceive ever so slight smoothness improvement by upsampling in Roon prior to sigma delta dac.

I run ROCK on older mini PC (not NUC) that has enough cpu to upsample all the way to DSD512. However, I use the Ethernet connection to my dac instead of the usb connection for the convenience of better remote control.

I don’t detect any meaningful auditory differences between ROCK > PCM192 > Ethernet > Oppo 205 vs. ROCK > DSD512 > USB > Oppo 205. Rest of chain is Oppo 205 > balanced > PS Audio Stellar preamp > PS Audio S300 amp > Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 or Sennheiser HD580

I totally agree on this. HQPlayer just sounds clearly better than Roon in my opinion, too. I have tried Roon’s upsampling, but it just doesn’t sound as good.

It would be great to be able to run Roon and HQPlayer on Rock.

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Exactly my experience as well

Rock is intended to be and is an appliance OS, so I doubt you’ll see any 3rd party apps, tools or integrations added unless Roon is in complete control of same.

I don’t get it. I don’t use hqplayer but I always thought that Roon allready had a nice working Hqplayer implementation under windows and osx. Why not just run windows then? works perfectly fine.

Does hqplayer also sound better without the upsampling enabled or is it just the upsampler?

In my experience, yes.

There are some important things missing in the current integration between Roon and HQPlayer.

  1. Currently it’s not possible to adjust HQPlayer’s settings through Roon. This would be particularly beneficial when doing listening comparison between different filters.
  2. I cannot output music from HQPlayer to all of my Roon zones, like for example to Devialet Expert Pro. This is the biggest problem for me. It would be pretty cool if I could route music from HQPlayer to all of my Roon zones.
  3. I just need a simple, fast, and convenient headless music server and I don’t think Windows 10 fits to that purpose so well when compared to ROCK. Perhaps some Linux would work well, but unfortunately Devialet AIR isn’t available on Linux.

When you transfer the audio to HQPlayer, they then control the stream and the sending to their own NAA endpoints. You should request HQPlayer to get an NAA stream to the Dev. At the same time, you might request them to add the ability to route the audio stream back to Roon. But, that is all in HQPlayer’s court.

But, if you have a NUC running HQPlayer directly attached to the DEV, then Roon sends the stream to HQPlayer and HQP sends it direct to the Dev via USB. As long as the HQPlayer computer is directly connected to a DAC it does not need to re-route out its own network protocol.

@jussi_laako might know a better way to achieve what you want.

I have asked about this from Devialet and they kindly replied that they are taking my enhancement request into consideration. Let’s see if something happens. I’m not holding my breath, but at least they didn’t say ‘no’ :slight_smile:

I couldn’t disagree more. Leave Roon alone.

If you prefer the sound of audio signals after they’ve passed through some additional software or device, then that’s your choice, but there’s absolutely no way I would accept Roon altering the data / signal passing through my ‘system’ without my consent or control.


They can’t even get their own AIR technology working properly, so I don’t see them offering additional, competing interfaces. However, it would be great if HQP could output to AIR without the need for a NAA device or USB connection. I might even switch from ROCK back to Win10 if that was available.

Perhaps you misunderstood the whole point here? :slight_smile: You can always disable the DSP and enjoy from an unaltered signal. At least I was not suggesting to change that.

I didn’t misunderstand these words:-


Roon doesn’t have a sound.

If you don’t like the result that your system produces in your listening environment, then feel free to do whatever you want to your system or your listening environment, but leave mine alone…thanks…


@Petri , rolski seems to be in a bad mood today, just ignore… I agree it would be beneficial to have an option to get the stream back from HQP into Roon. There is some very clever coding in Jussi’s algorithms. I doubt it will happen though…