Win 10 Dac not visible thru Roon

I have Roon Rock installed to Nuc. When I start Roon from Win 10 I cannot choose my local dac.
Win 10 sees Meridian Explorer2 but I cannot see it thru Roon’s audio settings.This used to work,
but I don’t remember when it stopped.

Thanks for reaching out, @Pertti_Saari!

Is there any active antivirus or firewall installed on the Win10 machine? If you disable it temporarily are you able to choose the DAC?


OK, had to take FW off from domain network. I have been playing with AD services at home network.
Joined my Win10 to AD, I think thats when problems started. Thank you, what a fast response :).

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I then turned on also FW to “Domain network” and allowed roon.exe thru all FW’s “Domain network”, “Public” and “Private”

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