Win 10 Roon installation hiding

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

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Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Roon download shows in my Downloads and is not available or visible to other users.
In my account no problem.

Before someone can help you, you’re going to have to add a lot more detail.
The way your post reads is not very clear.

Fill out the info in your above post.

BTW - I’m just another user. I’m not officially Roon @support, which I am tagging for you.

I downloaded roon to my desktop, works fine in my account. When my wife logs in she cannot see or find the roon app ?
Also does not show in Programs files like every other win app.

Your wife logs on with a different WIN10 account?

It’s been awhile since I installed Roon under WIN10, but weren’t you asked if you wanted to install for all accounts or for just the current account?

There are zero options in the download. The exe lives in downloads directory, not program files like everything else.Cannot even see the exe from her account.
Can I move to \programs\x86 ??

Or is the answer simply to download another copy to run as another user ?

Hmm, never looked before, but it’s installed in your User\Appdata so if your wife uses a different account she won’t see it.

Doesn’t seem like that would work (I’m wondering if Roon will interpret that as being two Cores}, but support will give the professional answer as to how to do what you and your wife want.

Exactly and changing permissions does not move anything.

Only when it’s used as a Core. As @Julian_Higgins’ Core is a other installation, ROCK as per description, multiple installations of Roon under different Windows User Profiles shouldn’t be a problem – but I think it’s better you don’t try to run them simultaneously (local and remote; fast user switching).

Moving the installation to another location is not supported AFAIK.

PS: Installing programs in a users profile directory is a common practice to allow non-admin users (users with insufficient rights) to install a given software, but IDK if that was the reason for Roon Labs to choose this way. You already encountered the side-effects of doing so (other users can’t access the app, they need to install it again).

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In my case not core on win 10, just remote. Dont mind installing again, did not want to create a problem.

Hi @Julian_Higgins,

Since ROCK is the Core, you can go ahead and install Roon on your other account as well, it will be installed in the Users/AppData directory as @xxx noted.

Although you shouldn’t encounter issues running two remotes from the same PC, you still might want to exit out of Roon before switching accounts.

This is the correct reason we chose to do this, as well as being able to update the App without admin rights.

Thank you, will install for addl user. Be nice to have an option on the install tho.

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