Win 10 Update | Roon skips through sounds

My PC installed the latest WIN 10 update and now I can’t get Roon to function correctly. It comes up like everything is working fine. I click on play and it looks like it is ready to start but then it skips to the next song, which it then tries to start but then skips to the next song and so on and so on. It doesn’t matter what album I try. It worked fine before the latest WIN 10 update.

I am on version 1.2 build 161 stable 64 bit.

All good here - I’m using Roon Server and Client on the same Windows 10 (desktop) PC, which is loaded with memory (64Gb)

I am using a Dell i5 laptop with 8 gigs of memory.

Keep in mind different version of windows receive potentially different updates since some versions can defer them. Are you using Home or Pro. If you are using Home, then there is no way to defer updates.

That being said, Windows updates now are also auto updating your “drivers”. You might review the recent update and see if any relevant audio drivers where updated.

It just got much worse. I am on Win 10 Home version. I was trying to get Roon to work and my whole PC locked up. When I rebooted, it said disaster had struck and it could not repair the damaged files. I went into the repairs and tried to do a restore. It first tried to restore back to yesterday, but after it tried it could not restore to that point. I had a 10/1 restore point and it completed a successful restore so it said. It said to restart and not it can’t find the system and shuts down ever time I try to start the PC. I am at a loss what to do next given WIN 10 told me I had a successful restore but instead it messed it up even further.