Win explorer: right click: "update this folder in Roon"

An imho very useful thing:

right click context menu for windows explorer: “update this folder in Roon”

Would be useful in case of changed files or updated taggs of a folder

What do you think about?

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And not forgetting those using Linux or OSX, yes a useful idea for cross platform convenience. :slight_smile:

…Yes! :slight_smile:

Would this be a folder that Roon was already aware of and using for storage? Today the process is from the roon UI and it becomes a watched folder that should sync. But I can see that if you’re copying files in / out you’d want to kick off a sync without having to go into the roon UI to do it.

‘Should sync’ being the issue. I use Synology NAS and syncing is rather hit and miss ( more miss usually) so I am in the habit of doing force rescans in Roon . This feature would be very convenient for me when adding new music and tidying the collection.