Win11 Shares - access denied

A couple of weeks ago I could, suddenly, no longer access my Win11 core machine on my network & have since wasted many hours looking for a solution.
To cut a longer story short in a recent update to Win11 microsoft introduced password protection for network shares and also enabled it, the result was “access denied” messages and no other clues.
Disabling the option (with the obvious security issues) has provided a resolution until time allow more configuration.


Good to know. Thanks.

This isn’t a new thing, it’s present in Windows 10 (and probably Windows 7) as well. I always assumed that it was on by default.

It’s a first time encounter for me Geoff, the access problem appeared having accessed my devices for a few years they suddenly stopped working. This is a similar situation to the SMB1 withdrawal that MS applied about 3 years ago….never mind, cracked it in the end…:pray:

Would you mind elaborate a bit?
Does your Win machine host SMB shares? Or are you trying to access other shares FROM the Win machine?
(I usually work around these policy settings by using Local Group Policy Editor)

Edit: Nevermind, i’ll assume you are hosting shared folders on the machine…