Windows 10 64 bit crash on large library scan

I reported this issue before but decided to upgrade my setup to see if the issue resolved

I have a new win 10 i7 with SSD and 16gb memory

With new install of roon 64bit the library scan from a synology ds1515 NAS works until about 50k files imported then crashes

I am unsing roon to manage library

After that I relaunch roon and it starts scanning and crashes after about 2k files imported

This repeats and adds files to the library on every restart but only ~2k files at a time

The total library is approximately 500k files comprised of flac and Dsd files

Please advise I would like to send log


Just sent you some instructions via PM, Craig. Let us know when you’ve sent them and we’ll take a look.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks will do

I am using the Windows 10 network finder to connect to synology NAS using the ROOn browse feature to add the manged location not putting in user id and password in the ROON network file fields could that be the issue?

I just uploaded the log

Windows 10 pro fresh install
Roon 102 64 bit
Intel i7
16gb ram
Synology NAS

Thanks @craig_wadin – we’ll take a look and follow up soon.

I don’t think that’s going to be the problem here. More likely, you have a file somewhere with some sort of corruption, either in the audio content or the tags.

Thanks will try importing portions ata time to see if I can isolate the issue