Windows 10 ASIO Sound Card Configuration

Hello, I’m having some trouble giving Roon exclusive access to a sound card in Windows 10 via ASIO driver. I’m playing with both a Creative ZXR and Asus Xonar STX II card right now. Despite the fact that exclusive mode is enabled for the card in Windows and I’m able to enable the ASIO driver in Roon, the Windows volume control still overrides Roon (mute in Windows overrides whatever Roon’s volume is set at), and I get Windows system sounds while music is playing (which I’ve since disabled). Is this behavior normal?

The sound card is the only audio device available in the system. I realize the workaround would be to enable a second device and make that the Windows default, leaving Roon to access the sound card.

Thanks for the help.

I may have gotten around some of this by setting up a Task Scheduler object to start Roon at startup without logging on.