Windows 10 Core Upgrade Path (ie, Do You Think Its Worth It)

Good morning,

First my Current Setup

Core (also use 1/2 time as client):
Windows 10 Pro
Ryzen 3 2200G
Asrock x370 Pro4 with 16GB DDR4
Using HDMI to an older Pioneer Elite AVR for High Resolution audio (using the AVR DAC), I use an HDMI splitter to run to a monitor and my AVR (its currently only able to handle up to 96khz)
Hardwired LAN

Windows 10 Pro
Older Ivy Bridge Dell i5 Laptop
HDMI to Denon AVR using the the AVR DAC, I run the HDMI straight to the AVR
Intel A/C Wifi

Android Fire HD 10 Tablet (running with all Amazon of it using Firebox)
iPhone 13 Pro

This question concerns upgrading my Core PC. As far as a client, the older Dell Laptop is fine. I have been out of the PC building game for quite some time. Honestly, I work in IT and as my career has advanced I have had less and less interest/patience for home computing work/upgrades. I recently became aware that there is an upgrade path for my current setup that doesn’t involving scrapping the motherboard/memory and building again. While my core is currently working acceptably (it is also my home pc for office/browsing etc, quite low needs, I do not game), the thought of jumping on a newer generation CPU/APU for under $200 is making me think.

I could keep all my current setup, and simply by bringing the bios up to date on my mobo, install a AMD Ryzen 5 5600G to replace my current Ryzen 3 220G. I guess my primary question, specifically for the Roon centric folks here is:

  1. Do you think this would be worth it? The upgrade path doesn’t seem too difficult just need to bring the bios up to date which will probably involve some fun with multiple bios updates and cmos resets etc when/if I put in a new CPU?

The reason I ask is, I have noticed the Roon Client on this PC is crashing recently (I posted in a thread about that in the support form) and the upgrader in me is intrigued by this cheap path to new tech. There is the possibility I may game a bit in the future (if my attention span outside of work ever returns lol) and, to my understanding, this upgrade would give me some gaming ability with the APU built into this upgrade. My main concern though, is continuing to use that HDMI output from the mobo for the high quality output to my AVR.

Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated. I am coming up on 1 year renewal for my Roon and Qobuz and sure am glad I got into it. Appreciate all the posts here!



If you don’t game and have a small library, you only need the fast SSD and 16 GB of RAM is really good. I have on this device

managed well over 1 million music tracks (Windows 10 Pro and Linux Manjaro). The device was built in 2009/2010!

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Computer technically this seems to be a worthwhile upgrade to me.
Integrated GPUs (APUs) are usually only good for old and/or simple games though.
Electrically, the HDMI connector is part of the motherboard, I doubt that the processor change does have any effect on it - I never looked into the logical side of things though (differing HDMI versions support, incompatibilities between CPU and motherboard / PC and AVR receiver). It might be worth to do a little research in this field before you jump the gun.

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From a PC perspective, if you want to upgrade it’s fine, however if this is in an effort to make your core more stable, I would instead get a NUC and run ROCK.

I switched from Windows to ROCK a few years back and it is much more stable now.

Roon works on Windows, but I think it runs best on Linux as ROCK.


I would push Roon Support for a resolution to the issue you are having with the Core first. You may upgrade and end up with the same or similar issue, what then?

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I appreciate the posts and input. Think I am going to save up and put any funds towards an eventual NUK/ROCK setup. Again thanks,
Trying to ask for support about the crashes. Not a lot of help so far. Appreciate all the posts!

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