Windows 10 Desktop Core - To Sleep or NOT to Sleep?

I just finished a new dedicated HTPC Windows build, primarily for ROON but also for a 10tb movie HD. Everything is working fine, but I wonder what sort of power plan, if any, everyone is using?

I would like for the Core to sleep when not in use. Are there any ROON settings or other settings needed to wake-up the Core from sleep? I’m using Window 10 PC’s as remotes, along with Android & Apple phones. I would obviously like to use one of these to wake-up and access the Core HTPC.

What’s doable and what isn’t?

A Roon remote will not wake a Roon core. The core machine must be awake with Roon running in order for the remote to function. So, if you desire a wake on LAN feature, you will need to use additional software, such as remote desktop, to accomplish that.


You can hook up a wireless mouse or keyboard to wake up the PC or get a remote for a HTPC PC.

Hope this helps.

Personally I dont let a server application machine sleep. Sleep the display output or run headless (not of you use as a video server tho) but if you use HDMI out for ether A/V then some A/V processors might get upset too.

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Thanks all for the advice. That gives me a clue as to perhaps what can and can not be done.