Windows 10, Hyper V and Linn Akkurate

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10
4 core Xeon
24 gig RAM

Network Details

Netgear Orbi
Roon core machine connected via ethernet to main hub
Linn Akurate connected via ethernet to satelite
Two Sonos devices connected via wireless

Audio Devices

See above

Library Size


Description of Issue

Regularly there are no problems. Roon Core finds and connects to Linn Akkurate and Sonos devices
If I install Hyper V on my Widows machine Roon Core can no longer connect to the Linn. It can still connect though to the Sonos devices



Haven’t spent a lot of time with HyperV I use alternatives. But, when HyperV was installed did it update your networking?
I’d bet that you now have a number of interfaces on your system.–>
You will probably need to make sure networking is setup as you wish.
HyperV probably doesn’t assume your wifi interface will be shared so it was left, and still works.


Hey @DOL,

Thanks so much for sharing the issue you’re experiencing. I’m very sorry about that and for the delay in getting back to you :sweat:

I was wondering if @MamaTried’s suggestion has helped at all? Thanks @MamaTried :pray: