Windows 10 jump list playback controls

I would love to be able to play next, pause, play forward from the Windows 10 jump list when I am using Roon. This is available with the Spotify client, but if I am playing music in roon and I am doing something else on the PC, if I want to pause the music or move forward, I then have to expand the Roon client and control playback from there… Windows allows this functionality to be exposed via the icon of the running app on the taskbar.

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If possible to develop for features exclusive to one platform, please add basic control buttons and status information to the jump list and hover tooltip in Windows. This functionality is really handy.

As an example, here’s the iTunes jump list:

And here is an example of the functional controls in the jump list:

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Any update on this? I would really appreciate this feature also. It’s quite basic stuff with pretty much all media players.