Windows 10 listening while multi tasking (window/minimised)


I like to use Roon on my desktop while I do other things on my PC such as browsing the internet or photo editing but Roon its constantly full screen and I end up opting to use plex as it can be minimised while I get on with other things.

How do I do this with Roon? I listen to a lot of music this way and feel I am missing out on Roon to Plex.


Are you saying that minimising the Roon window stops the music playing on your system? It doesn’t do that on my system, so I’m curious to know why it might be different for you.

I use roon as a server and client on a W10 laptop and it doesn’t stop me doing other things.

Hello @Paul_Whittaker,

You should be able to use your Roon app at the same time as doing other activities. Are you by any chance ‘stuck’ in full-screen mode? You can press F11 on your keyboard to exit out of fullscreen mode. Please let me know if that helps.


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Ok I feel mega stupid right now. Swear last I tried this it didn’t work so easily and said it needed to be full screen? Arh well its great thanks for your help on this ridiculously simple matter haha.

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No worries @Paul_Whittaker :slight_smile: . Hope you have a great day!

– Noris

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