Windows 10 not responding

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Windows 10 not responding
I know I’ve seen this issue elsewhere but I just didn’t know how to post where it belongs. So if this is out of context I do apologize. I have a Toshiba laptop and as of a week and a half ago everything worked fine with Roon. However now it says that it’s not responding and it will get to the point where it will show the loading of the albums but no graphics. But I can control it from my iPhone and play it through my stereo. So I’m not exactly sure if this is such a big deal. My subscription renews Tomorrow and I just want to know if anybody else has had problems and is there a fix so that I can have it load on my laptop normally. When there’s not responding glitch happened I uninstalled everything and reinstalled Roon but the same thing happens I sign in and everything appears to load and it gets to the point where it looks like it’s gonna start adding my library but it’s more of a very whitish screen and it says not responding. Thank you so much in advance for any kind of assistance. I do appreciate it.

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I’m using ethernet

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Hdmi through my Onkyo receiver. Even though it’s not fully loading up on my laptop it does load on my iPhone and it is finding the room core and I can play it through my stereo via my iPhone as a remote.

Description Of Issue


You may have had windows update overwrite your graphics drivers. I would go to he graphics manufacturers site and load the latest drivers.

Well you were right. I did exactly what you said and it works now. Thank you so much. That was an easy fix. I love this program. Once again thank you.

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