Windows 10 recent update stops Roon

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Just in case anyone else uses Win10, the current upgrade turns on Public Firewall which may disable Roon in part as external access through the firewall is required.
Symptoms will be clients unable to connect to the Core &/or the Core giving Metadata error messages advising you to check your network connection.
If you have this problem after the Win10 update you have most likely got another firewall in place so can turn the Windows firewall off, if you’re unsure seek advice in the community.

For me this was a right PITA as I had just added a new router to overcome a network fault, hopefully this will save someone some hassle.


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Why does WIN10 need two firewalls? Is it not just changing the config of the existing firewall, in which case far more than just Roon would be impacted.

I’m not sure why Microsoft choose configure the firewalls they way they do but there is certainly options disable/enable based on private/public networks. The issue in this case, not for the first time, is that their update has overwritten customer settings causing problems (at a particularly inconvenient time for me).

Yes, it is just a matter of reconfiguring the existing firewall but, if it was already disabled you might not check it. The point of my post was to raise awareness as many people disable WIN10 firewall and use alternatives which are generally far better performing.

I shall now permanently block automatic OS updates.

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