Windows 10 remote wont connect (build 65)

server is W10 and works fine to meridian endpoint; previously worked fine with W7 remotes too.
new W10 laptop (which prompted update to build 65) and now is refusing to connect
simple home network, couple of unmanaged switches+router to internet, nothing fancy
firewalls off on both PCs; network discovery on
Remote sees the server and picks up DNS name and ip addr even the windows version but refuses to connect, just get connection failed/last seen10 secs ago etc
Direct input of ip addr doesnt fix.

any thoughts appreciated

Hi thegruf,

Mike noted common causes of connection issues in this post. It looks like you’ve checked many of them.

I’ll set a notification for @vova to investigate further.

Hi Andy,

bit of a strange one this, especially as it used to work just fine, for all the world it looks like a port/firewall issue, as there is certainly partical communication inasmuch as the client recognises the server and the server reports back to the client, but with the firewalls both off it doesnt appear to be this. I have noticed a bunch of updates for w10/64bit coming through, so I wonder if it is some conflict with these and build 65?
I do think that placing Roon in the appdata/local directory, whilst expedient in avoiding uac prompts is far from ideal, though also unlikely this is causing this issue

Hello @thegruf, I’d like to see your logs to get better sense of what is happening on the background. I’ll PM your shortly with further instructions.


Thanks Vova,

thanks for the prompt PM response. I’ll get the info over to you later.