Windows 10 resume from sleep, Tidal can't play any tracks, no error

Fresh install, PC mid-2013 Dell desktop (SSD, i7-3770) Windows 10 current build. RoonServer current.

Works great until Windows resumes from sleep, local files play fine but Tidal will not. I don’t receive any error message on the Roon client. Restarting RoonServer resolves the issue.

I switched back to Windows from ROCK because I like to save the energy when not listening to music. Otherwise, setup work fantastic, handles upsample to DSD512 + convolution filters > USB Oppo 205 > balanced > PS Audio Stellar preamp > PS Audio Stellar S300 > Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2.

Any ideas short of a script that restarts RoonServer at resume from sleep?

Solved my own problem by executing a batch file that stops and restarts RoonServer when resuming from sleep.

‘path’ TASKKILL /F /IM RoonServer.exe
START ‘path’\RoonServer.exe

More of Mac/Linux guy but hacked it together and call it from SmartPower utility written by a chap in the UK, alas his website has been down for years. Still available via usual download sites, this one is OK