Windows 10 Roon Bridge not visible to Roon Core

**Core Machine (Windows 7 Dell Precision Workstation I7 32 GB RAM/Roon Version 1.6 Build 401 stable 64 bit

I have installed a Roon Bridge successfully on an Windows 10 ACER I5 8GB Laptop. The Bridge will not show up on my Roon Core as a networked device. Both on same network. An Allo USB Bridge on the same network shows up no problem

**Network Details Xfinity Router/1GB service

The Dell W7 Roon Core and theW10 Acer Roon Bridge are in the same room right next to the router. The Allo USB Bridge is on the floor below and is readily seen on the network by the Roon Core.

Audio Devices (Benchmark DAC3 USB)

Description Of Issue

What settings to I need to modify on the WIndows 10 laptop did I need to modify for the Roon Bridge to be seen on the network by the Roon Core. What happens to my Roon COre if I upgrade to Windows 7 an dencounter a similar proble? Will I be down. This is a real issue as support for Windows 7 is ending.

Can you use these instructions to double check that both Roon.exe (if present) and RAATServer.exe have been added as exceptions to your firewall? Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe can be found by following the Database Location /Application folder path.

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Hi @Mark_Edinger,

I would use @BlackJack’s suggestions here, an active firewall on the bridge is what I would expect to be blocking the communication. I would also try temporarily disabling any Antivirus or other firewall blocking software to see if there is a change in behavior, and if there is you should look into adding Roon/RAATServer as exceptions there as well.


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