Windows 10 - Roon Client Intermittent Freeze

Core Machine

Synology NAS 920+
DSM 6.x

Network Details

LAN Topology: Client <-> 1Gb unmanaged switch <-> Core

Audio Devices

Optical = USB to JDS Labs El II DAC

Library Size


Description of Issue

Windows 10 Clients freeze intermittently causing the UI to become unresponsive. Only possible solution is to restart the application.

Music continues playing and you can still pause and play when clicking on the UI, yet the entire UI fails to show any response to user interaction. This also results in text size not changing when moving the window around.

Clients tested:

Dell XPS 9500


Custom Build:
VPU: AMD R9 5950x
GPU: Nvidia, Asus Strix 3090 OC
MOBO: Asus X570 Dark Hero
OS Drive: Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 2Tb


I work as a software engineer, so if you can point me towards logs and such, I can likely help diagnose the issue further.


Decided to start digging into logs:

would this mean anything to the dev team

Access to C:\Users\someUser\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\NvBackend\DAO\29993186\0.dat has been restricted by your Administrator by the default software restriction policy level.

Hello @Jonathan_Allbritten,

Thank you so much for getting in touch about this and sorry about the trouble! We would have loved to have a chance to get back to you sooner - we’re still working our way to reply to every request we’ve received in these past two weeks. I am very sorry for the delay!

If this is still an issue, I was wondering if you could try the following (the behavior you’re describing is connected to Windwos’ automatic updates):

  • quit Roon
  • uninstall your graphics drivers
  • download them directly from the manufacturer’s website
  • reinstall them
  • restart the Windows machine
  • start Roon

Thanks in advance :pray:

That suggestion wouldn’t work for the custom build client. Nividia controls the drivers through their proprietary software not the manufacture (which only has really old drivers anyway) and not windows.

I did do this on the client laptop, as part of fix for another issue, but have yet to test roon enough to see if the issue resurfaces.

Could you explain why you think this is connected to windows updates and how I could diagnose that myself via the logs?

Hey @Jonathan_Allbritten,

Thanks for your patience while we returned to work after the weekend and for giving this a try. I should have mentioned I was referring to your Windows 10 client (sorry about that :sweat:).

Many times, with a Windows update, the graphics drivers are also updated automatically. We’ve discovered that these automatic updates are not always reliable and a manual install resolves the issue.

Please, do let us know if that helped :pray:

To clarify, both clients run Windows. It’s just that I don’t rely on Windows Updates for the drivers on one of them.

I have not experienced the freeze in a little while, but I’ve also not been using the roon app on these clients as heavily lately.

I have also used DDU to completely reinstall my graphics drivers.

I’ll report back if the issue persists again.

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