Windows 10 roon server connected to Teufel Cinebase soundbar. possible?

on is a very good offer for the Teufel Cinebase soundbar. i want to connect it to my windows roon server via cabel. the device is not roon ready. is there any problem doing this?
will it play dsd 256 and everything else?

If the product has inputs for Optic, RCA, HDMI, USB, Etc… Yes you connect it to your Windows Roon Server, as loong as is connected directly to your Roon Server.

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thank you for your quick anwser.

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Yes, I see several inputs that could work just fine.
Go for it, If that’s what you want! Make sure you have a DAC that supports your interconnects.
IE: Optic or RCA.

my dac is a onboard soundcard on a skylake mainboard… :laughing:
i will buy a proper soundcard/dac later…

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If it has the proper connections, by all means, have fun! :slight_smile:

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