Windows 10 Spring update 1803

Just a heads up so you don’t tear your hair out like I did. The 1803 update is not compatible with a couple of Intel SSDs

There are also some Toshiba SSDs affected. I believe that Microsoft is preventing the update reaching these PCs?

'After upgrading to Window 10 April 2018 Update, select devices with Toshiba XG4 Series, Toshiba XG5 Series or Toshiba BG3 Series solid state disk (SSD) drives may exhibit lower battery life.

Microsoft is working with OEM partners and Toshiba to identify and block devices with Toshiba XG5 Series or Toshiba BG3 Series solid state disk (SSD) from installing the April 2018 Update due to a known incompatibility that may cause battery performance issues.

Microsoft estimates the release date for the resolution for this issue to be available in early June’

The Intel SSDs are used in some of Microsoft’s Surface devices. So much for testing…

Yep and they couldn’t stop it reaching me. Bit of a SNAFU for Microsoft

Well presumably they had to break a few before they realised it was problem, unfortunately. Having just updated to 1803 on one PC, it spent the first few minutes after the update thrashing the hard disk. It was the Microsoft Telemetry process that was hogging the disk access, so I expect they know exactly where the compatibility issues lie after each update.

Since the 1803 Win10 installation, ROON opens itself inside the EDGE browser…
And Chrome is my default browser.

ROON does not act properly : unable to use correctly the search button, or unable to edit è Webradio description…

Anyone else saw that anomaly ?