Windows 10 support


With the announcement of Windows 10’s release date official now, can you confirm Roon’s compatibility?


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I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. We’ll take a look when we get our hands on it.

FWIW, it’s a big advance from Windows 8 and it has a lighter smaller footprint and resource requirement than Windows 7

Overall, it’s well worth the jump IMHO

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Is a version available yet? The release date isn’t until the end of July I think.

The “Windows Insider” preview has been available for quite a while now : I’ve been using it for a couple of months and I like it - it’s almost ready for release to an unsuspecting public… :wink:

I am running roon remote from a windows 10 notebook (Hp Spectre x360 touch screen). It worked with Update 8 but is much better with version 16 (the hires screen is now aligned with buttons on screen now).

Windows 10 still has some issues but release 10130 is quite stable and looks like be a great OS.

I am not using it as the core library management computer (that job goes to a mac mini).

Note: anyone can get there hands on windows 10 via the windows insider program.

In case it’s useful, I’ve been using Roon on Windows 10 Insider-Preview (build 10130) for several weeks - in parallel with Windows 8.1 - and I’ve had no problems at all (specifically regarding Roon).
In fact, one thing to note, the “white screen of death (!)” which you see when you minimise Roon on W8.1 does not occur on W10.
Official public roll-out date of W10 is 29th July, so not long to go !

I’m also running Roon build 30 on my Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 insider preview (build 10162). It’s working perfectly fine in remote mode (with or without local playback). The only disapointment is in full screen mode where an annoying white line is flashing continuously. So, I keep the app in windows mode :wink:
Congratulation for a great piece a software!
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Windows 10 build 10166 working fine (on Surface Pro 3) for 2 days now - no problems at all.

I’m also using Windows 10 for a few days now.
Roon is as stable as with Windows 8.1.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm, that the “white screen of death (!)” has been solved as it still occurs with my intel onboard graphic chip after having minimised the window.

@danny and the team, would you recommend upgrading to windows 10 for a headless core set-up please?

Hi all, delighted to report Windows 10 and Roon working well and so far the white screen issues has also disappeared.

For me, Roon has stopped working since I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. It starts up, but then crashes after around 10 seconds and shuts down.

I had to delete Roon and reinstall the program after updating to Windows 10. I also continue to have issues with Remote access with a MacBook Pro that previously worked well with Roon.

Did it remember all your edits?

I deleted everything. Roon was running wild duplicating all of my titles. I really did’t have very many edits.