Windows 10 taskbar preview controls

Is there any plan to add taskbar preview window controls similar to those seen in other media players like vlc and Musicbee?

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They should start with basics - what’s playing in titlebar…

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I’m missing this feature as well. It would be very nice if this feature would be added in future releases.

Can we bump this up :+1:

A minor thing, but a lot of windows media playing applications use Thumbnail buttons on their taskbar previews to allow the user to pause and play content without bring the main application to focus. I keep trying to do this on the roon client before realising it’s not there.

Please can this be added. It should just control whatever audio zone is selected in the client at the time, so basically letting me pause music without bringing up the client and then hitting the pause button.


The Windows API for adding this functionality is exposed through this API and there is some example code there as well.



I seriously doubt you’ll get that as they don’t even do a simple call to SetWindowText to set current artist/album/song as a window title on Windows…

A long time foobar2000 user just move to roon recently. A nice feature of foobar2000 is taskbar preview control which missing in roon for Windows. Any chance to has this function in future update? Thanks in advance.

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