Windows 10 trashes my Roon

I had the new 1.2 Roon set up on my Windows 10 laptop. I had may settings sorted and had even added stations and images of my favourite radio stations. Then, disaster. A Windows ten unsolicited update kicked the whole lot away. How do I prevent this happening whenever Win 10 updates. Very frustrating!

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Ps Im loving Roon by the way

How did the update trash Roon? Is the Roon database gone? Take a look in C:\users_yourname_\AppData\Local\Roon or …RoonServer. If it is still there, you should be able to reinstall Roon and get everything back. Take a backup first to be safe.

If the database is somehow destroyed, then all I can say is “shoulda hadda backup” but that seems very unlikely from an update.

It wiped the whole lot. I had to re download etc from scratch. I have just read that the updates are removing certain apps and it’s not known whether it’s a bug or not. Pretty annoying.
I was about to back up as well!

Thanks for the response.


[quote=“Easysqueezy, post:3, topic:9797, full:true”]
I have just read that the updates are removing certain apps and it’s not known whether it’s a bug or not. [/quote]
Could you please post a link to this info? Not experienced this myself, but if true, I’d like to know more and be prepared. Thanks.

Did the repair process work? Did you get the Roon database back?

Ah, so the article is referring to last November’s major update of Windows to 1511, not to the regular small updates. I note also that the article says:

We didn’t actually run into this issue with the November update ourselves, but we’ve seen many reports of it and know people who have.

For what it’s worth, the update to 1511 removed just one DLL component (part of the WHS 2011 Launchpad) on my system, but that was easily repaired. Assuming that Microsoft doesn’t change its ways, then next time this sort of thing may happen will be the Anniversary Update in July.

Those of us who install Technical Preview of Windows as part of the Windows Insider program are in effect installing major updates with each new build. I have to say that I have not seen any of these remove or affect an installation of Roon on any of my systems. Not to say that it didn’t happen to you, but it would seem to be very rare if it did.

I recovered to an earlier date and managed to ressurect the original settings, with Internet Radio images intact. Weird really. Will back up and keep an eye on future changes.

Thanks for looking in.