Windows 10 Unstable if Leave Roon Running

Roon Core Machine

Asus Prime Z370 Motherboard
Intel Core i5-8400 CPU
Samsung EVO 850 SSD

Network Details

ASUS PCE-AC68 802.11ac Network Adaptor
Netgear Orbi 750 Mesh WiFI

Audio Devices

Monoprice HTP-1 Processor (Wi-Fi)
Google Chromecasts {HDMI)

Library Size

6000 tracks

Description of Issue

I am having an issue with Windows 10 if I leave Roon running on my computer. Within days, some programs start to run slow and take longer to load. Also the icons and background picture on my home screen disappear. Everything can be resolved by restarting the computer. I suspected the video driver, but it is up to date. The only other program I have running is an old version of Windows Live Mail. My computer is primarily used for email and internet browsing. Other than this issue Roon works very well over WiFi with the Monoprice HTP1.

Take a look at:

Hybrid Sleep
Modern Standby
Connected Standby

Hey @Gary_Peaslee,

Thanks for describing the issue you’re running into. We’d love to help.

@SKBubba’s suggestions are very valuable and going through that checklist might prove extremely helpful.

As a second step, even if you’ve checked your video driver/ graphics driver, we’ve discovered that Windows updates can be unreliable when it comes to these drivers. Would it be possible for you to:

  • uninstall the graphics drivers
  • navigate to the manufacturer’s website (e.g. NVIDIA, Realtek, etc.) and download the graphics drivers
  • install them manually
  • restart your Windows machine

Thanks in advance :pray: