Windows 10 Update - Any problems with Roon?

Has anyone installed the new Windows 10 fall creators update 1709

Yes, had no issues… I haven’t looked what new features there are though

Same here now issues, with ROON anyway… :slight_smile:

No problems on my Roon (core) machine which I updated immediately to 1709, and no problem on my other two Windows10Pro64bit machines, which are both remotes and run Insiders Preview build 17017.

Yes. Installed on all my machines (been running Previews on several for months now). No issues, but just don’t get me started on how Microsoft has failed to deliver on functionality in a couple of crucial (to me) areas. One step forwards, two steps back as far as I’m concerned.

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cough - I now discover that I have an issue with one of my Windows 10 machines. Unfortunately, it’s my server (luckily, though, not my Roon Server - that runs on ROCK).

The symptom is that everything runs glacially slowly because the System process is occupying 98.7% of the CPU, instead of the usual < 1%.

Clearly, there’s something in the Fall Creators Update that doesn’t like my machine. I’ve pulled it, and reverted to the previous version of Windows. It’s been reported back to Microsoft via the Windows Feedback Hub, but based on past experience, I’m not holding my breath for a fix. I also notice that with the Fall Creators Update, Windows Update is trying to install software on the server for AMD hardware - er, Microsoft, this is an Intel-based machine… :frowning: