Windows 10 Update Crashes Roon

Windows 10 update that was applied last weekend has caused Roon to quit working - bombs out upon startup. I have tried System Restore and it works for a while then the PC downloads the update again and the problem recurs. I have disabled Windows Update in the Services menu but something keeps turning it back on.

Any ideas? Really frustrating. BTW, PC is Dell XPS i7 with 16GB RAM and has performed flawlessly until this happened.


You cannot turn off Windows 10 updates only delay them if you have Pro. The trick of disabling the update service will not work - have you tried setting it to manual?.
However there might be some things you can do - a quick google on “Windows 10 stop updates” will give you some suggestions.
Some are:
You might block the MS Update web addresses at the router level, but that would kill any updates ever as well.
If you connect only through Wifi, you might turn on “metered connection”
There is an MS tool which will allow you to rollback or prevent a driver from installing: See

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Thanks. Another example of Microsoft “helping us.” I re-installed Windows via the reset option this morning (not that big of a problem since only Roon and HQP are installed on the C drive) and Roon is working again. So, perhaps something in the registry got corrupted. That machine has been working flawlessy for several months so here’s hoping!!

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I have a similar problem, whenever windows 10 applies an update it will stop roon server and a few other programs I have always running. In my case I just have to restart them and it’s all OK (until the next update).

That’s odd - on my NUC running Roon Server on Windows 10 Pro, updates have never stopped Roon Server…

It’s likely something with my Windows 10 setup. Even if it’s a clean install and not much stuff running since that computer is media server only.
Anyway, it’s clearly not roon related, since a couple other programs that are always running get killed as well, so it’s something on the windows side.

I have had a few problems with various programs on my Windows 10 meia server too, to me it seems that after more major updates, it will to some extent shut down/limit network access for some programs. Going into Windows firewall settings to where the prgrmas has been given access previously will usually do the trick (not have to change anything).
I think this has happened just once or twice for me with Roon, but other programs will be more or less after every update.
(from memory, running Windows Insider slow track on this machine, but currently on vacation, so can’t verify)

Since I re-installed Windows 10 via the reset option Roon and HQP have worked without crashes, so obviously there was something corrupted in the OS.

Sadly, that can happen with any MS update.